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7 Rental-Friendly Apartment Decor Tips for 2022

June 23, 2022

If you have an eye for décor and are drawn to unique colors and striking patterns, then your apartment can be a canvas where you can experiment endlessly.

As a renter, your options for designing an apartment space that’s all your own can feel limited.

A beautiful master suite with oversized windows and tall ceilings looks amazing, however remodeling costs aside, your management company will not be happy about unexpected renovations to their rental apartment.

Below are 7 great apartment decor ideas you can try in 2022, that are both budget- and landlord-friendly.



Top Rental Apartment Decor Tips


Achieve the apartment decor look you are after by methodically selecting furniture, setting space aside for storage, and creating a budget to make your rental space your own. Here are a few apartment décor trends that will help you embrace your style while keeping your security deposit safe.


  1. Functional Furniture

Decorating a rental home starts with being selective about new furniture because these are the biggest items you will place in your space. Apartment rentals often have limited space; around 882 square feet is the average apartment size in the US, so functional furniture that fits your living room layout is an essential starting point for interior design.


For smaller apartments, skip the oversized sectional sofa and opt for a small mid-century modern sofa and accent chairs instead. You can also use your furniture to store items like pillows, blankets, and other items you use regularly in the living room. So, pass on the traditional coffee table in favor of a functional ottoman. You can also look for an end table with extra drawers, or add shelves.



  1. Plan for Storage Space

Finding enough space is essential to keeping a stylish home neat and functional. In addition to closet space and built-in cabinetry, you can get creative by utilizing what other space is available. 


Every renter needs dedicated storage space(s) to ensure your personal belongings are not cluttering your apartment decor. Consider choosing functional furniture pieces that double as dutiful storage like a free-standing cabinet in the kitchen, a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table, and a free-standing wardrobe in the bedroom.



  1. Splurge on the Right Things

If you love the idea of a luxe bedroom look, decorate your rental apartment with a premium upholstered headboard and/or draperies, and make a bold visual statement when you enter the room. Do you wish you had a bold statement wallpaper as an accent wall? Think about using peel-and-stick wall coverings instead which are budget-friendly and non-permanent.


As a renter, think about allocating your budget toward comfortable furniture, setting up a home office, and statement art pieces that pull a room together. 



  1. Keep it Temporary

Spruce up a kitchen backsplash tile or a bathroom with temporary decor products. There are dozens of products to choose from like peel-and-stick backsplash tiles and temporary wall decals. Renters can easily decorate their apartments with temporary decor finishes.


Temporary does not necessarily mean damage-free. If you opt for covering your rental walls in temporary wall decals, the removal process can be challenging depending on the quality of paint. You may have to touch up some areas with paint where a layer was removed from the drywall.


Consider purchasing large foam core panels to have a removable apartment decor solution. They are typically four feet by eight feet per piece and cover panels with the wallpaper as a large art piece to hang on a long wall. 



  1. Create an Entryway

Another opportunity to redefine your apartment is to create an inviting entryway. If you have a few feet of wall space near your front door, add floating shelves with a few hooks and a striking mirror to instantly elevate your entryway. 



  1. Stop by IKEA

IKEA sells trendy furniture and apartment décor pieces at bargain prices and is a great resource for apartment renters.


Renters can use IKEA furniture to create built-ins by using their customizable selections of bookshelves and wardrobes. Plus, you will find a whole subculture of Ikea hackers online that can provide some creative inspiration.



  1. Say Yes to Textiles

Great style requires layers of colors, patterns, and textures. Up your apartment decor by carefully selecting textiles to create that homey feel. Buy throw pillows, area rugs, and statement-piece lamps to dial up the coziness! While you cannot paint the walls your favorite shade of purple, you can paint a dozen thrift store frames and fill them with printable art downloaded for a fraction of the cost of painting and look great.


Apartment renters don't need to live in the homes they see on HGTV to have a home that is equally tasteful and inviting. Plus, you don't need a big budget to make quick, temporary decor changes to completely revitalize your apartment. Home decor stores like IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond, and HomeGoods are great for finding pieces to enhance the look and feel of your living room, bedroom, and even your entryway without painting or damaging your rental apartment. 


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