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How to Stay Organized in an Apartment

May 28, 2018

To create an apartment that feels spacious, it is important to make sure you are keeping your apartment organized. Optimizing space and clearing clutter is a great way to make a room feel bigger. Here are some quick tips to help lead to a more open and orderly apartment.




  • Be sure you are utilizing all the space in your home – especially the areas that are hidden. These areas are not only great for collecting dust but also storage. For example, underneath your bed is a great place to put storage bins or other organizational products. Stores like Ikea® and Container Store® offer a number of great storage options. If your bed is not currently high enough for storage, you can add risers for that extra room. Putting away seasonal clothes and linens under your bed can really enhance the space you have.




  • Messy cords may seem minute, but they in fact make a living space feel smaller. Keeping them tangle free and in the correct spot helps the flow of the room. Investing in a cord organizer can prove to be very beneficial in helping to remove clutter. 




  • If you are planning on investing in a shelf or bookcase, try to get one that nearly touches the ceiling. The more shelf space you have the less overcrowded you will feel. Make sure to keep the shelf space well-kept and organized to fully utilize them. 




  • It may seem obvious but is often forgotten, the less furniture you have, the more space you will create. Buy furniture for your room type, do not try to cram a large piece into a small space. Instead, try investing into more modern and minimalistic pieces to enhance the room. 




  • Having a clear filing system is a key component to leading to a more organized apartment. Buying a filing system can help keep your paperwork ordered and neat. Keep only the papers that you need and shred the rest. 

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