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How To: Avoid Losing Your Pet Deposit

March 29, 2019

We get it. They’re not pets – they’re family. When it comes to living with furry friends, there is bound to be a fur ball (or 12) here and there throughout your home. It is important to be on the same page as the leasing office when it comes to what condition the apartment home is expected to be in for you to claim the pet deposit back.


The leasing team performs a walkthrough of the apartment home before you move in to document the condition prior to you living there. You should take the time to do the same! Our teams aren’t [always] perfect so it is a good idea to walk through your apartment home (before moving in your belongings) to look for anything we may have missed. Make note of anything you notice and share it with the leasing office, so it is documented in your file so your precious, innocent, sweet little fur baby isn’t blamed for the damage in the future.


Of course, we understand that some damage is going to happen regardless of what you do – and hopefully you understand that too. It is nearly impossible to prevent your fur ball from scratching up the floors with those claws of hers. However, costly repairs such as replacing the floors and/or carpet are sometimes required depending on how intense the damage is. So, what are you to do? Simply keeping nails trimmed and regularly grooming your furry friends on a regular basis goes a long way. Try to be timely in removing any pet stains right away (professionally, if needed) to help with ensuring the stains come out before it sets. Keep in mind, some liquids and stains may penetrate deeper layers of flooring, so if your pet is prone to accidents, consider crate training, an in-home visit by a caretaker or even daycare.


Regularly cleaning your apartment home makes a big difference. Cleaning will help get rid of some of the smells that linger in fur and dander and will improve the air quality in your home. Vacuuming and dusting the fur and dander up is a simple way to help ensure you get your deposit back. Don’t forget to periodically check the nooks and crannies for fur that finds its way under the fridge, stove, couch, dressers – you get the point.


Lastly, if your fur baby is having issues adjusting to apartment home living and is resulting in accidents, scratching, barking, etc., check out these tips on how to keep them happy and healthy.

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