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Best Apartment Plants

August 14, 2018

Adding plants to your apartment offers many benefits from making the air cleaner to creating a more welcoming home. Spice up your space with these tough plants that survive in a variety of different environments and are easy to maintain.



  • These tough plants can thrive on just natural light and only need to be watered at most once a week. Not only are Cacti easy to take care of but they come in a variety of colorful options and can add much-needed life to any apartment.  


Snake Plant

  • This trendy plant is one of the most tolerant of plants and can last weeks with neglect. The whimsical snake plant also helps purify the air by drawing out toxins, keeping your apartment air fresh and clean.


Aloe Vera

  • Much like cactus, aloe plants love natural light and only require water ones a week. These plants can add dimension to any room, helping to create a lively apartment. Aloe vera also has many health benefits. Not only does this plant look good in your apartment, but it can be used to treat sunburns, cuts, digestive support, and much more.


Spider Plant

  • These easy to grow houseplants can make any apartment feel homier and need little care. Spider plants are known for their ability to purify the air and only require some natural light.


Cast Iron Plant

  • The name itself gives way to just how tough this plant really is. The cast iron plant is nearly impossible to kill and makes an excellent plant for apartments. This dark green plant can withstand extreme temperature changes and lives happily with little to no light.


Paddle Plant

  • This fun plant comes in many rich colors and its shape is certainly going to brighten up your apartment. Because it’s a succulent, it doesn’t require much care. Water once the soil dries and keep in sunlight for more vibrant colors. Tip: Put your paddle pant in an open terrarium with other succulents to create a decorative centerpiece.



  • Feng shui your apartment with this easy-going plant. Only needing water and shade to survive, bamboo, can create a calmer environment within your apartment.


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