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Earth Day 2022 – “Invest In Our Planet”

April 19, 2022

Our planet takes care of us, so let's return the favor and take Earth Day Organization’s suggestion to “Invest In Our Planet!” According to, the event began in 1970 and occurs every April 22. It has grown over the years and events are now held in more than 193 countries!


Below are some tips on how you can invest in our planet, some general recycling reminders (you may be surprised by some) and ways that Simpson Housing tries to preserve the place we all call home.



Here are six simple, everyday tips to help you live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Use a reusable water bottle
2. Reduce, reuse, recycle
3. Plant a tree - our team at 2125 Yale took their own spin on this idea and held a succulent bar where residents got to create their own plants!
4. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products
5. Use reusable bags
6. Turn off the lights when leaving a room



And here is Waste Management’s three basic (perhaps surprising) rules to recycle right.

1. Recycle bottles, cans, paper and cardboard
2. Keep food and liquid out of your recycling
3. No loose plastic bags* and no bagged recyclables

*Local grocery stores like Target recycle plastic grocery bags if your local waste company doesn’t.



Simpson Housing’s commitment to sustainability includes the environmental impact of our company and we are dedicated to being environmentally conscious. Sustainability and environmental consciousness impact our construction practices and our ongoing operations. Specific areas of focus include energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, waste management and hazardous material refuse such as refrigerants.


Here are some ways Simpson focuses on the environment:

  • Development focus on TOD (transportation-oriented development) and increased density in communities that support smart transportation including bike and car sharing.
  • Safety programs and training on maintenance and/or proper operation of equipment and supplies including disposal.
  • All communities have recycling programs in place.
  • Replacement of fixtures and lights with energy efficient technology (LEDs).
  • Electric charging stations installed at several communities to accommodate residents with electric vehicles.


You can learn more about our other corporate responsibility initiatives here. Happy Earth Day from all of us at Simpson Housing!

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