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Earth Day 2024

April 22, 2024

‘EARTHDAY.ORG is unwavering in our commitment to end plastic for the sake of human and planetary health...’



Earth Day is April 22nd and this year’s theme is Planet vs. Plastics. The movement calls for widespread awareness on the health risk of plastics and aims to build a plastic-free planet for generations to come. Simpson Housing encourages our teams and residents to be environmentally conscious as outlined in our ESG initiatives.


Simpson Housing ESG Initiatives

Our commitment to sustainability encompasses three areas of impact: Environmental, Social and Governance (or ESG).


Environment: sustainability and environmental consciousness impact our construction practices and our ongoing operations.


Social: Simpson believes in employee development, community involvement, labor standards, anti-discrimination, diversity and health and safety.


Governance: the right and responsibility of the management of a company for all the various stakeholders in that company (including joint venture partners, lenders, vendors, and more).


Some of our ESG initiatives include:

  1. Development focus on TOD (transportation-oriented development) and increased density in communities that support smart transportation including bike and car sharing.
  2. All communities have recycling programs in place.
  3. Our corporate office partners with Scraps composting program.
  4. Electric Vehicle Chargers
  5. Green Maintenance Plans: for example, replacement of fixtures and lights with energy efficient technology (LEDs) and safety programs and training on maintenance and/or proper operation of equipment and supplies including disposal.
  6. Building Certifications
  7. Resident Sustainability Communication
  8. Coordinated Community Events

You can learn more about our other corporate responsibility initiatives here.


What you can do

You can learn more about EARTHDAY.ORG’s Planet vs. Plastics movement here. The website has everything you need whether you just want to learn more, find an event near you or take action.


And in general, there are many ways to make every day Earth Day:

  1. Use a reusable water bottle and coffee cups.
  2. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  3. Plant a tree.
  4. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products.
  5. Use reusable bags.
  6. Turn off the lights when leaving a room.
  7. Conserve water.
  8. Start composting.
  9. Learn something new about the environment, sustainability or climate change – you can start with learning about World Water Day and Global Recycling Day.
  10. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for posts about Waste Less Wednesdays, Eco-Friendly Fridays and Sustainable Saturdays.


Happy Earth Day from all of us at Simpson Housing!

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