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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023

May 12, 2023

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is an annual event that aims to promote the importance of digital accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. In 2023, the event falls on May 18th, and it will be an opportunity for individuals and organizations worldwide to come together and raise awareness about the need for accessible technology.


As the world becomes increasingly digital, it is essential that we prioritize accessibility to ensure that everyone can participate in the digital economy. Global Accessibility Awareness Day is a chance to celebrate the progress that has been made in this area, while also highlighting the work that still needs to be done.


Whether you are a developer, designer, or user, there are many ways to get involved in Global Accessibility Awareness Day. You can attend local events, participate in online discussions, or simply take the time to learn more about accessibility and how it impacts the lives of people with disabilities. You can also participate by simply spending one hour on your computer without a mouse (using your keyboard to interact with websites) or try out a screen reader.


Simpson Housing uses a 3rd party web accessibility solution that reviews our websites for ADA compliance and follows web content accessibility guidelines. By working together to promote accessibility and inclusion, we can create a more equitable and accessible world for all. So mark your calendars for Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023 and join the movement to make the digital world a more inclusive place.

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