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REACT 2021 Launch

October 11, 2021

The annual REACT survey launches Tuesday, October 12 so be sure to check your email tomorrow. The survey will be online again this year so keep an eye out for an email from [email protected] for your personal survey link.


What is the REACT survey?

This resident satisfaction survey is conducted on an annual basis by the nationally recognized real estate consulting firm, CEL & Associates, Inc. Simpson’s goal with the survey is to gather feedback from our residents to learn what is working as well as identify areas where we can improve.


We took the survey online last year and it will remain online this year. CEL & Associates, Inc. will be sending a unique survey link to the primary resident’s email address on record for every apartment home. The survey is completely confidential, so each survey link is unique to each apartment home. As a thank you for providing feedback, Simpson gives residents a chance to win one of several great prizes. This year’s prizes include up to 2 months free rent and a $1,000 Visa gift card!*


When will I receive the REACT resident survey?

REACT launches tomorrow! CEL & Associates, Inc. will email the survey to the primary resident on file with the leasing office. A weekly reminder email will be sent to the resident until the survey has been submitted.


What if I don’t receive the email with the survey link?

  • Check your spam / junk folders - the email will come from [email protected].
  • Check with your spouse, partner, or other household member(s) to determine if they received the email.
  • Contact the leasing office and they will provide you with instructions of how to obtain the unique survey link directly from CEL & Associates, Inc.


Your feedback is truly appreciated!

We recognize that our residents have a choice in apartment living, and we are thrilled that Simpson Housing communities are chosen as the place our residents call home. We strive to achieve and exceed our resident’s expectations and the REACT survey is a way to determine whether we are meeting that goal.


Last year, 10 Simpson communities were awarded with the Platinum A-List Award and 39 Simpson communities were awarded the A-List Award. Despite the challenges of 2020, Simpson was awarded the A-List Award for Excellence in Customer Service for the 17th consecutive year in a row! Find out more about the awards in this blog post.


We couldn’t achieve this without our residents’ participation in the REACT survey, and we truly appreciate the time it takes to provide feedback. We look forward to hearing from you all soon!


*Prizes can vary by location and ownership. Simpson employees are not eligible.

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