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Summer BBQ Ideas

June 29, 2020

Summer is in full swing! Rather than turning on the oven and heating up your home, get the grill ready and use this summer to perfect your skills! Invite friends and family over and enjoy being this summer’s grill master by trying some new recipes!


Before starting your grill, it is a good idea to make sure it is ready to go so here are a few tips: 



Taking the grates out of the grill and scrubbing them down with a wire brush and water can make a big difference in sprucing up the look of the grill and ensures that your food is being cooked on a clean surface.



It is easy to forget about the grease trap located under the grill. It is important to wipe out this grease from last season because build-up can lead to overheating. Try lining the trap with aluminum foil to make the cleaning process easier!



Most grills are fueled by propane, so after it is cleaned, check your propane tank to be sure you have a sufficient supply. Also make sure the hose that connects to your propane is attached and cleaned off.



Now it is time to get grilling! While hot dogs and burgers are always a go-to, here are a few ideas of foods you can grill that you might not have tried before. Be sure to click the heading to get the full recipe!



Cut up potatoes into wedges, season for flavor, and place on the grill for a delicious side that takes no more than 10 minutes time!



Who doesn’t love watermelon in the summer? Try the delicious fruit on the grill next time! It takes only a few minutes and you might have your new favorite way to eat this fruit!



Pizza is always a crowd-pleaser, so up the stakes and try grilling it next time! The crust will be crispier, and the flavor will be top-notch.



You can even grill dessert! Checkout how to grill berry pie to prove to all your friends that you are the grilling professional.


Grilling is the perfect summer activity, so get outside, enjoy some good weather and some old and new favorites on the grill!

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