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Vacation Checklist

July 09, 2020

The excitement of planning a summer vacation probably looks different this year, but a weekend trip still might be on your calendar.  When you plan to travel or leave home, even for just a few days, here are some tips so you can have safety and peace of mind while you are gone. A few of these tips will also help you transition back into routine when you return home.




The post-vacation laundry is enough housework to do when you come home, don’t add extra stress. You will feel more relaxed when you come home to a clean house. The cleaning list should include leaving a tidy kitchen, dishes washed and put away, trash taken to the dumpster, floors vacuumed, and bathrooms cleaned.



Unused appliances and electronics like the toaster, lamps, chargers, etc. can be unplugged while you are gone to help save energy and promote safety. Since these items are not going to be used, there is no harm in turning them off and unplugging them.

**TIP: Before you leave your home, snap a picture of the stove so you know everything is turned off. This will provide peace-of-mind when you suddenly second-guess if you remembered to turn the stove off.  



If you are vacationing in the summer months, turn the thermostat a few degrees higher so your air conditioner does not run as often. The same goes for the winter months and adjusting the thermostat a few degrees lower. This helps you to be more energy efficient and lowers your energy bill!



When leaving home, put pet care on your to-do list. Research places around your area that you can take your pet to ensure they enjoy a little vacation themselves. Another great option is asking a friend or someone you know to watch after your pets until you come home.



Telling a trusted neighbor or friend that you will be gone on vacation is important so someone can look after your home. This might include watering your plants, grabbing your mail, or just making sure everything is as it should be as a safety precaution.



The best way to enjoy whatever excursions you have is to make sure you plan ahead before leaving; this will allow you to relax and enjoy any vacation that is on your calendar!


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