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Decorating and Design Ideas

August 25, 2020

After spending more time at home the past few months, are you looking for ideas to update your living space or have you noticed a few projects you want to start? Designing and decorating your living space can be a fun and creative outlet, but it can also be difficult to know where to start. Below are a few tips to begin sprucing up your living area.



The most important thing to remember is to make the space your own! This is where you live, so don’t feel the pressure of making it look a certain way, but rather design each room and space in a way that you like. Decorate with the colors you want and buy the furniture that fits your space and lifestyle.



If you have the time for it, do it yourself projects can be a lot of work, but a lot of fun. This could mean taking an old side table and repurposing it or being creative with wall art. Whatever it may be, don’t shy away from the opportunity to complete a project.



Simply just changing the light bulb can give the room a new feel. I’ve included an article that shares the benefits of each type of light bulb and what the experts recommend for each room. Checkout the article by clicking here.



Take advantage of the natural light in your home. Make sure the furniture is not blocking the windows and use light drapes or curtains so sunlight can still come into your home. Did you know natural sunlight can boost your immune system and make you happier?



Finding a little area around your home where you can add a pop of color brings energy to the room. One of the best places you can add color is through a rug or artwork. These colorful statement items bring the whole space together in a fun atmosphere.



Utilizing your outdoor space by adding a patio set or some fun plants can make it a perfect reading spot, place to eat, or area to entertain! Make the space your own so that you can enjoy some fresh air every day and appreciate what’s around you!


The great thing about having your own space is that you can continue to make changes and updates to your décor over-time. Re-decorating or designing your space does not have to be an all or nothing mentality. Doing little updates at a time will help you enjoy your living space more and more. Just be sure to have fun while you do it!


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