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Tips For Working From Home

April 28, 2020

Self-care is more important than ever and taking care of yourself while working from home is no exception. Whether you are working from home part-time or full time, follow these tips of small but effective check-ins as well as how to create an effective schedule.



Online ordering is rampant these days and if your job relies on receiving regular deliveries, be sure to understand how your community handles them to avoid issues. Check-in with the leasing office to clear up any questions you may have before placing any orders. The team can probably provide some tips and tricks to ensure your package is delivered even after-hours. And ask about package lockers and other delivery services your community may provide to residents.



Being comfortable is essential to productivity and there are plenty of ways to accomplish creating a functional working from home area. Check out our last blog post about how to create the perfect working from home space regardless of the size of your home. Here is just a teaser:

  • Pay attention to noise levels
  • Locate outlets and/or USB ports
  • Re-think existing furniture
  • Utilize unused space



Do you prefer a change in scenery from day-to-day or are you a stationary creature? Do you like a lot of sunlight or do you prefer a darker setting? Be sure to check-in with yourself throughout the day; if you’re feeling a little tired or burned out, move to a room that has more natural light. Making small changes throughout the day can re-energize your productivity levels.



Speaking of checking in with yourself, it is important to take breaks. There may not be as many distractions at home as there are in a typical office setting (or maybe there is!) so don’t forget to take even a quick 5-minute break to hit refresh.



On the other side of the spectrum, perhaps avoiding distractions becomes an issue for you while working from home. It can be hard to ignore that pile of laundry or to look outside and ignore how nice it would be to go for a walk. Establishing a routine can help with this; maybe get up a few minutes early to handle the dishes or laundry before logging on for the day. Or get up early so you can logon earlier and take a longer break later in the day for a walk. Sticking to a routine can help avoid those daily distractions once you determine what works best for you and your work schedule.



Even if you’re an introvert, interacting with other humans is a good way to remind yourself that we’re all in this together. Luckily, we live in a world where technology allows us to virtually socialize in a variety of ways – smart phones, video chat services and social media all provide a way to communicate with the outside world without ever leaving your home. Even work-related human interaction is good; via conference calls or virtual happy hours.


No matter what your situation is, use these tips to figure out what works best for you. Make changes as necessary and don’t get frustrated if it takes a few attempts to get into a productive routine.

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