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Dog Park Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts

July 23, 2018

Dog parks are great because they give your pooch the opportunity to exercise and play with other pups. Several of our communities offer dog parks where your dog can run around without a leash while you can keep a close watch. Because you are sharing a dog park with other owners, here are some simple rules you can follow to have the perfect trip to the dog park. 


DO: Be aware of what your dog is doing

  • Make sure the whole time you are at the dog park you are watching your pooch. Dogs notice when they are not being closely watched and tend to misbehave. To ensure your dog’s safety and the safety of other dogs, keeping a close watch on them can help prevent any conflicts or injuries. Tip: Always have your leash ready.


DO: Pick up after your pooch

  • This may seem like common knowledge but can often be forgotten. You should always pick up after your dog so that the other pups are able to fully enjoy the dog park. Extra points if you use eco-friendly dog bags to reduce the environmental impact.


DO: Warm your dog up before the park

  • Exercising your dog before you go to the dog park may seem contradictory but is actually a good idea. If you warm your dog up before you arrive they will have less energy and be less likely to act out.


DO: Follow any rules that are posted

  • All dog parks have their own set of rules that they expect owners to follow. Be sure to read of the posted rules to ensure you are not breaking any of the park’s guidelines.


DON’T: Bring your dog’s spike collar

  • Spike collars have proven harmful to other dogs especially while they are playing and running around. Instead, leave the spiked dog collar at home and opt for a different one instead. Check out these collars at PETCO™ that all the other dogs will be jealous of.


DON’T: Bring an unfriendly dog to the dog park

  • Bringing an unfriendly dog is not a great idea because they will be interacting with several other dogs. Although socializing your dog to reduce its aggressive nature sounds good, it only puts other owners and their dogs at risk. Only bring friendly pups to assure the wellbeing of others.


DON’T: Bring your pooch to the dog park if they aren’t healthy

  • Remember, don’t bring your dog if they happen to be sick; illnesses can quickly spread within the dog park and other dogs can get sick. Also, make sure your dog is appropriately vaccinated and up to date on all their shots.


DON’T: Leave the gate open

  • Be sure you always shut the gate! People often forget whether they are entering or leaving to double check that the gate is locked. To guarantee that your dog or another dog doesn’t escape close the gate completely.


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