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Holiday Dinner Ideas

December 17, 2020

The joy of the holidays is having a chance to spend time making memories with families and friends, but the holidays are not complete without the smell and taste of delicious foods and treats! You might have some holiday dinner menu ideas that are your family’s favorite, but if you want to try some new holiday food ideas, we have you covered!  Find easy holiday meals and holiday dinner ideas below!


Holiday Meal Ideas

If you have overnight guests, one way to take away some of the busy first thing in the morning tasks is to prepare this breakfast casserole.  It is prepared the night before so in the morning you can just pop it in the oven and enjoy a great meal with your morning cup of coffee.  


You do not want to spend all your time preparing food when you have guests, so if you have a special holiday dinner planned, keep your lunch simple. A few holiday lunch ideas for company includes taking advantage of appetizer foods such as a cheese, meat, and cracker tray. You can also put together a salad by purchasing a salad kit which already includes all the ingredients needed. Check out this holiday main course idea for holiday sliders, or if you would rather make lunch a more formal meal, click here to read 30 easy holiday meal ideas to make for your guests!


Holiday Dinner Ideas

Many people like to celebrate with a more formal dinner menu.  Because this type of meal takes longer to prepare, plan some appetizers for guests to enjoy while they wait for the meal.  Guests often like to linger around the kitchen, so be sure to plan a good flow and easy finger foods.

  • Click here for a few easy festive holiday appetizer ideas to make for your guests.
  • Salads can be fun to throw together with lots of different toppings, and as a bonus they can add a healthy component to your holiday meal! Pick one of these 15 easy, festive holiday salads in this article. Don’t forget to include a breadbasket in the middle of the table if you want another option for a side.
  • The main dish, the star of the show, and the center of your holiday meal! If you are looking for a few easy holiday dinner ideas to make as the main dish, read Martha Stewart’s 37 main course ideas!


Finally, many of us indulge a little extra during the holidays to enjoy the delicious treats and desserts!  Don’t worry, New Year’s is coming and then you can get back to the healthy eating!  Enjoy the season with these White Chocolate Peppermint Patties! This easy holiday treat looks festive on the dessert table, and the flavor of peppermint can never be passed up.


We hope this helps bring your family and guests together this year around a delicious meal, and whether all the dishes turn out the way you want, let the laughter and memories be the highlight of your season. We are wishing everyone a safe, yummy, holiday!

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