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Tips for Keeping Odd Hours / Tips for Dealing with Neighbors Who Keep Odd Hours

January 14, 2019

We’ve all been there. You’re finally just dozing off to sleep with visions of relaxing on a beach somewhere with the sound of waves crashing and the warm sun shining down on you… but then suddenly – BANG! – a loud noise jerks you awake. It’s your neighbor slamming their door at 9 PM as they leave to go work a night shift. Or maybe it is the sound of an upstairs neighbor walking (why are they stomping?) around their apartment. Whatever the situation may be, keeping odd hours in an apartment home setting can be frustrating for everyone involved. Below are some tips of how to deal with this frustrating situation.


Don’t be the noisy neighbor
Everyone has a different routine based on their work, school or lack of a schedule. There is nothing wrong with working a night shift, going to night school or just being a night owl in general. But it can be difficult when you live in an apartment home and your neighbors all work the typical 9-5.
Just as you wouldn’t expect your neighbor to be blasting music at 3 AM, you probably shouldn’t blast your music at 9 PM. Or even if you do, it doesn’t hurt to stop by your neighbor’s apartment home (at a decent hour) and confirm with them that your music isn’t bothering them. Showing consideration for your neighbors’ schedules is easy to do and really goes a long way.


Respect your neighbors’ schedules
Remember that not everyone works a typical 9-5 schedule, has time to take a nap at 3 PM or has children to put to bed at 8 PM. So, although you’re putting your child to bed and are winding down for the day, your neighbor may just be getting home and still needs to make dinner. Just as you expect your neighbors to be considerate of your schedule, you need to be considerate of theirs.


Don’t overreact
You may be overtired and cranky, but don’t stomp down the hall to yell at your neighbor who just woke you up from a deep sleep. It is a good idea to have a calm and respectful conversation with your neighbor before tempers fly if they are waking you up or are just generally disruptive on a regular basis. So, take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself – as you ride up the elevator together, when you run into them in the mail room or just in passing in the hallway. Simply showing that you’re trying to be considerate can help diffuse any tension that may be building.


When all else fails
If problems persist after you have tried talking to your neighbor a couple of times, you can notify your leasing office of the situation. But keep in mind they may not be able to do much except offer to transfer you to a different apartment home or part of the building.
Unfortunately, noise is inevitable when living in an apartment home setting but it doesn’t have to become an issue. By following these tips, you and your neighbors can create an open forum to discuss ways to make it work for everyone.

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