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Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2019

May 10, 2019

Simpson’s annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day took place on April 25th. Each year, Simpson employees bring their kids to the corporate office in Denver to show them what mom and dad are up to each day. They also learn about all the other departments that are involved in our business. This year’s event hosted seven kids between the ages of 6 and 11 years from employees in multiple departments including IT, People Services and Revenue Management.

The kids started their day off with breakfast before heading over to the Construction team where they got to bound sketch books. From there, the kids made their way over to People Services where they learned how to print ID badges for our employees and heard about all the different ways the department supports the company. Once they had their very own ID badges printed, the Marketing team had the kids come up with some new color suggestions for the Simpson brand by having the kids color print outs of our logo. Then, the kids spent some time with one of our National Trainers who specializes in Maintenance and showed them how electrical circuits work.

Before lunch time, the kids were taken on a tour of one of our nearby communities, Carriage Place. Here, they enjoyed snow cones and got an exclusive look at the upgraded fitness center and clubhouse that was just completed last year. They also helped the leasing team assemble welcome bags for new residents. After lunch, the kids headed back to the corporate office and got to see our Facilities and Vendor Administrator in action in the mail room. With the IT department, the kids created CD art. Finally, the kids finished up the day with our Maintenance Superintendent who took them to the roof to see the different aspects of how the building operates such as the elevator and HVAC systems. And he wrapped everything up with setting up a dark room for the kids to do photograms!

As you can probably guess, our employees had just as much fun as the kids did (if not more) and are looking forward to doing it all again next year. Because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to take a break from adulting to spend time with some adorable kids?

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