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4 Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Cozy Apartment Living

August 30, 2022

Renting is an attractive option for the flexibility to change locations. However, renting could mean that you will have to get creative when it comes to making the place feel like your own.


Fortunately, there’s a better way to keep your apartment clutter-free, while adding some style. There is so much more than cute storage bins – we’re talking about elegant, functional, space-saving furniture you can incorporate to maximize the square footage in your apartment.


Below are some great ideas to make better use of your apartment by saving space through functional furniture. 


Alternative Dining Tables

An ornate dining table looks stunning in a formal dining hall. Still, it would be awkward and inappropriate if you don’t have a designated room to eat in, which is often the case for apartment dwellers.

Your apartment might have an island in the kitchen, but it may not be big. Or perhaps your apartment doesn’t have a designated space at all for eating. A drop-leaf table is an option for entertaining that doesn’t have to be out all the time. You can also opt for TV trays so you and your company can sit and talk in the living spaces.

You should also consider creating a cozy coffee area with a stylish bar cart. You can buy an affordable bar cart in just about any style, from boho-chic to art deco. Keep your favorite coffee beans and syrups in the cart’s space below and show off your statement-making cups on top. A bar cart saves space and adds a touch of personality.


Space-Efficient Workspaces

A recent survey showed that 58% of the U.S. population can now work from home. If that’s you, and you have a smaller living space, you will need to “work smarter, not harder” when creating a designated work area in your apartment.

You can rent small and work efficiently with a folding wall desk. These secretary-style workspaces not only help you stay organized with separate shelves and compartments inside, but they also fold up completely when you’re done working. Using a fold-up wall desk means you can create an office virtually anywhere in your home.

If you have a larger living room space, you probably have extra room for a statement piece of furniture. We recommend an armoire desk in that case. Give yourself extra storage and stay organized with the added room an armoire would provide. But if you’re set on the minimalist look, a slim profile desk would also make a statement while giving you a sleek place to function.


A Different Way to Sleep

Studio apartment living requires that one room does it all, but that’s okay! There are still ways to work, eat, and sleep all inside a well-organized studio apartment. For example, a Murphy bed is a great space-saving sleeping situation.

Even if you are not in a studio apartment but still need extra sleeping places for guests or children, there are many functional beds available. A pull-out sofa is another idea for additional sleep space if you don’t have a separate bedroom.


Functional Storage

We’ve covered eating, working, and sleeping, but there’s still the matter of storing books and miscellaneous items. Functional storage is actually beneficial for your mental health because clutter can worsen anxiety or make you feel overwhelmed after a long day of work.

Think outside the box when it comes to creating more storage within the rooms of your apartment. Over-the-door shoe pockets are a great place to neatly keep spices inside the pantry door. They can also complement your bathroom by organizing hair accessories, styling tools, and hygiene items.

Instead of fighting less-than-perfect floor plans or lamenting about slim square footage, renters can make the most of their space by choosing the right furniture. Evaluate your living space and keep your lifestyle in mind to create a home that keeps you effectively working but also well-organized. Even if you don’t own the property, make the space your own with functional furniture for cozy apartment living. Take a look at our apartment communities to make one of our rentals your new home.

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